Nowadays, as the spread of disinformation keeps getting bigger, it is essential for journalists and media professionals to have the right tools for identifying manipulated content. Given also the fact that most tools currently used lack functions for disinformation detection, there is a need for upgraded and easy-to-use tools, with trustworthy and explainable AI features.

Here is where the H2020 project AI4Media comes, aiming to create a new and unique European network dedicated to advancing AI solutions for the media industry.

Within this framework, we are very excited to announce that AI components developed in AI4Media will be further integrated in our collaborative verification platform and in the in-depth Twitter analytics tool, TruthNest. In specific, the new AI – based functionalities include:

  • the analysis and monitoring of social media items (clustering, community detection, similarity detection, topic detection, etc.)
  • the analysis and monitoring of Twitter accounts (analysis of users’ history, hate speech detection, user classification, etc.)
  • the search across audiovisual verification repositories (audio/video comparison, reverse audio/video search, duplicate detection, etc.).

ATC with Deutsche Welle (DW) will run one of the project’s use cases ‘AI for Social Media and Against Disinformation’, leveraging AI technologies to improve tools used by journalists and fact-checking experts for digital content verification and disinformation detection.

You can learn more about AI4Media here.