Last week, we were honored to participate in CEDMO’s International Conference ‘Europe tackles Information Chaos’ (CIC2022), which was held in Prague from September 22nd to 23rd,2022.

During this significant event we shared our insights on why Artificial Intelligence is important for fact-checking and presented the available tools and methods for journalists to tackle the disinformation phenomena. In specific, we highlighted how Truly Media can support the verification of social media content, and how access to in-depth Twitter analytics with TruthNest can support the identification of true influencers and the detection of trolls and bots, by profiling Twitter user accounts based on their activity, network, and influence.

Furthermore, leading experts and key stakeholders, including NGOs, academics, think tanks, practitioners, and legislative and technology actors also contributed to exploring a comprehensive range of topics, always highlighting the importance of protecting information ecosystems, democracy, social cohesion, and human rights.

Vera Jourova, Vice-President for Values and Transparency in the EU Commission stated that the continent is in a crisis situation, with the war raging in Europe’s borders and that what is needed is for Europe to give its best in order to put the information out, to show facts and to listen and talk to European citizens.

Whereas, Jocelyn Zablit, coordinator for the AFP fact-checking projects in Europe, spoke about the importance of media literacy. ‘We can do as much as we can as journalists to fight disinformation. But educators and other professionals also need to understand they have to teach children how to navigate the digital world when they are young’.

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About Truly Media’s exploitation in CEDMO

We remind you that Truly Media is already used by CEDMO for the analysis and verification of digital content in real-time. In specific, CEDMO’s fact-checking community exploits:

  • Advanced Search & Filtering capabilities
  • Collaborative Content Organisation, Curation & Archiving
  • Real-time Collaboration
  • Digital content verification on the spot by using Reverse Image Search, Verification by location with Google Maps and Street View and a set of image analysis algorithms like Error level analysis (ELA) and Double Quantization (DQ) analysis
  • Twitter content analysis with the in-depth Twitter analytics tool, TruthNest