Truly Media, the online collaborative platform jointly developed by Athens Technology Center (ACT) with Deutsche Welle, was presented in the annual STOA Annual Lecture, an event organized by the European Parliament Panel for Scientific and Technological Option Assessment.

This year’s lecture, hosted on Tuesday November 21st at the European Parliament in Brussels, took an in depth look at “Media in the Age of Artificial Intelligence”. In their presentation, Wilfried Runde (DW) along with Yannis Kliafas (ATC) focused on Truly Media’s integrated verification features that support newsrooms to efficiently detect misinformation distributed on social media platforms. Watch the whole panel discussion here!

According to the organizing committee, the event aimed to “investigate the challenges associated with the design and application of AI algorithms in the media domain, presenting an opportunity to learn more about these questions and to participate in a debate with key experts in the subject.” For doing so, speakers and panelists from Google, Facebook, the MIT Media Lab, Elsevier, and the Univerity of Sheffield provided their expert views.

After 4 weeks of public voting for the Innovation Radar 2017 competition, and a long day with TOP 20 finalists pitching for their proposals, the people have spoken!

ATC , one of the TOP 20 organizations that were set to move into the Innovation Radar Prize final, and 1 out of 4 most dynamic innovators of the ‘Industrial & Enabling Tech’ category, has won the Public Award for Truthnest, a tool that the company created in 2016 to address the phenomenon of fake news.

For a whole month, European citizens participated in an open vote to showcase the TOP 20 companies and organizations that are pioneering innovation across the EU by sending them to the final of the competition, at the ICT Proposers Day event , held in Budapest.

Today, the process of the final awarding phase of the “cream-of-the-crop” came to its end, including short pitches of all 20 companies, in front of a jury of experts and live audience. The audience that attended all presentations (decision makers of the private sector, key research instintutions and EU executives) recognised ATC’s proposal to detect and verify fake news as the best!

Truthnest incorporates ATC’s many years of experience in the media field by providing the appropriate indicators to confirm the validity of news as they are published or reproduced in social media. For the production of these indicators, news analytics techniques have been utilized using technologies such as artificial intelligence, semantic analysis and network dynamics.

In the same spirit, ATC has worked with Deutsche Welle, a media institution, to develop Truly Media platform, also using resources from the Google Digital News Initiative (DNI) Fund. Truly Media is an online collaboration environment where journalists from around the globecan use advanced digital tools for verifying news, images and videos as they are shared directly by users of social media (USG).

Athens Technology Center (ATC) designs, develops and supports innovative technology solutions for news agencies and news organizations globally for over 20 years. Truly Media is an integrated web application that is scheduled for full commercial release in October 2017. It has been co-developed by ATC (Greece) and Deutsche Welle (Germany). It builds on work carried out in EC co-funded research projects, in particular REVEAL, and is currently supported by Google´s DNI Fund (Digital News Initiative).

Artificial intelligence can be used to create information and to counter fake news. But what are the challenges and opportunities within that? That question was at the heart of the annual science lecture of the Parliament’s scientific body (Science and Technlogy Options Assessment – STOA).

The phenomenon of fake news has taken on a global dimension and needs to be addressed through synergies with documentation and training, said Mr. Larkos Larkou, the Chairman of the Cyprus News Agency (CNA).

Mr. Larkou spoke during the presentation of Truly Media , an online colaborative platform that helps journalists and other organizations verify social networking in an attempt to counter the spread of false news.

Truly Media platform was developed by the Athens Technology Center (ATC), in cooperation with Deutsche Welle, to support journalists in verifying the content of posts.  The platform used the German news agency DPA and Bayerischer Rundfunk during the recent German elections last September to collect and verify subscriptions of social network users.

The platform is used, inter alia, by the Deutsche Welle editorial team, as well as by Amnesty International and is a subscription.

By incorporating a multitude of tools, the Truly Media platform allows journalists or journalists of an organization to verify the validity of real-time photos, videos, or social accounts.

Through mapping and 3D site mapping, comparison with other photos or weather information, journalists can check whether a particular post is true, and the possibility of collaboration between different organizations.

At the same time, the company is developing a system called “Truthness” which will be integrated at a future stage on the existing platform so that the information contained in the post text can be verified.

Mr. Nikos Pantazopoulos,  on behalf of the ATC said that since 2012, when the false news began, the company began to deal with ways to deal with it. At the same time, he added, the decision of large news organizations to set up social networking teams to protect themselves from relaying false news came.

Mr. Stratos Tzoannos, Head of the Truly Media development team, said the problem of fake news is getting bigger, with journalists looking for solutions by verifying posts and collaborating with other organizations.

By introducing the application, he also said that it operates in three stages, by searching for and extracting content from social networks, organizing content and verifying.

The presentation was held at the offices of the CNA, in the presence of the Director of CYPRUS Giorgos Pentetas. Also, leaders or representatives of organizations, including Personal Data Protection Commissioner Irene Loizidou-Nikolaidou, Director of the Press and Information Office, Sophia Michailidou, President of the Union of Government Editors George Frangos, Chairman of the Journalist Ethics Committee, George Pavlidis, the Cyprus Radio and Television Authority Rona Petri – Kasapi and the Police Spokesperson Andreas Angelidis.