Launched earlier this February, the Central European Digital Media Observatory (CEDMO) is an initiative gathering professional fact-checkers, researchers, AI specialists, and media literacy experts to provide the public and governments with the necessary means to verify information and counter disinformation in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Poland.

The project aims to:

  • Develop and research technological and AI-based fact-checking solutions that will improve human-machine cooperation and fact-checking effectiveness
  • Implement media literacy education and campaigns backed by research and analysis
  • Cooperate with national authorities in monitoring digital media ecosystems and propose recommendations on how to improve disinformation regulation and related policy-making

Within this framework, we are very excited to announce that Truly Media was selected by CEDMO for the analysis and verification of digital content in real-time. In specific, CEDMO’s fact-checking community will be able to exploit:

  • Advanced Search & Filtering capabilities
  • Collaborative Content Organisation, Curation & Archiving
  • Real-time Collaboration
  • Digital content verification on the spot by using Reverse Image Search, Verification by location with Google Maps and Street View and a set of image analysis algorithms like Error level analysis (ELA) and Double Quantization (DQ) analysis
  • Twitter content analysis with the in-depth Twitter analytics tool, TruthNest

See more about CEDMO here.

In the video below you can watch CEDMO’s presentation